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Southeast Ohio Wedding Cakes by Heavenly Confections, Athens

Any of my cake or cupcake flavors can be made into wedding cupcakes. I can change colors to match your wedding theme, and even design each cupcake to differentiate flavors. If you wish, I can design a six inch cake to top the tower. This is perfect for the cake cutting ceremony or to save as your anniversary tier. I can provide disposable stands which are decorated in ribbon to match your theme, you may also rent a stand from me or provide your own. Your options truly are endless!

Chai Latte
Vanilla Cake infused with REAL Chai Latte tea and Chai Latte Frosting.
Chocolate Chai Latte
Chocolate cake infused with REAL Chai Latte tea and Chocolate Chai Latte Frosting.
Pistachio Cherry
Delicious vanilla cake baked with maraschino cherries and fresh pistachios topped with vanilla buttercream.
Caramel Pecan
Vanilla Caramel pecan cake topped with caramel buttercream and cinammon.
Pumpkin & Cinammon
Extremely moist pumpkin cinnamon cake topped with smooth and silky vanilla buttercream.
Maple Walnut
Maple Walnut cake topped with rich maple frosting.
Banana Split
Moist Banana cake topped with a dollop of fudge frosting, whipped vanilla & strawberry buttercreams & finished off with sprinkles, nuts, & a cherry!
Childhood Fantasy
Classic chocolate cake is frosted with vanilla buttercream frosting and decorated with festive confetti sprinkles!
Chocolate Raspberry
Chocolate cake and chocolate chocolate raspberry buttercream frosting.
Chocolate Chocolate
Chocolate cake topped with chocolate buttercream frosting with milk chocolate chips!
Vanilla Latte
Vanilla cake with a shot of coffee buttercream with one pump vanilla, a shake of cinnamon.
Cinammon City
Classic white cake with a hint of cinnamon topped with my silky white buttercream frosting and finished off with a sprinkle of cinnamon and sugar.
Coconut cake paired with carnival pink , blue, or white coconut buttercream frosting and finished off with a mound of shredded coconut.
Classic chocolate cake paired with delicious Oreo buttercream frosting!
Butterscotch Chocolate
Chocolate cake is paired with deliciously old-fashion butterscotch frosting.
Peanut Butter "Cup" Cake
Chocolate cake paired with creamy peanut butter frosting and chocolate chips.
Perfect Margharita
Vanilla cake with a hint of fresh lime paired with smooth margarita buttercream frosting, accented with lime. Cheers!
Bottled Blonde
Rich Chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream. No one needs to know!
Blonde Bombshell
Vanilla & Vanilla
Simple as it sounds! Vanilla cake with pure vanilla buttercream. Pure bliss!
Chocolate Chip Cookie
Chocolate-chip cookie infused vanilla cake covered in a vanilla buttercream frosting. Just ask to have it topped with a fresh, home-made Chocolate Chip cookie!
Chocolate Covered Caramel
Chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream frosting drizzled with melted caramel.
Vanilla Cinammon Candy
Vanilla cake topped with my own cinammon candy buttercream and red hots! Totally Hot!
Cherry Blossom
Cherry cake topped with vanilla buttercream, cherry buttercream and then a cherry on top!
Orange Dreamsicle
Orange cake served with a fresh squeeze of silky orange zest infused buttercream.
Lemon Lemon
Lemon cake and luscious lemon buttercream frosting infused with fresh lemon zest.
Mint Chocolate Chip
Chocolate cake topped with fresh mint buttercream frosting, sprinkled with chocolate chips!
Sleepless in Ohio
Vanilla cake infused with espresso topped with coffee-espresso buttercream, and a sprinkle of cinammon!
Chocolate Cinammon Candy
Chocolate cake topped with my own cinammon candy buttercream and red hots! Burnin' Up!
Mocha Madness
Coffee-infused chocolate cake paired with mocha-chocolate buttercream, topped off with milk chocolate chips!
Vanilla cake and sumptuous strawberry buttercream frosting!
Cherry Garcia
Chocolate Cake with bits of cherries baked in, topped with Cherry Buttercream and chocolate sprinkles.
Chocolate Coconut
Chocolate cake topped with Coconut Buttercream and a mound of coconut. Yum!
Vanilla Cherry Chunk
My vanilla cake infused with maraschino cherries, topped with vanilla buttercream and cherry bits.
The Cosmopolitan
The famous cocktail turned cupcake! Vanilla cake paired with a dollop of cranberries baked n, sweet & tart pink cosmopolitan buttercream accented with pink sugar crystals around the rim! Bottoms up!
Honey Almond
Honey almond white cake with a honey buttercream, drizzled in honey.
Red Velvet Devils
Simply amazing red velvet cake with a cream cheese icing :)
Orange Chocolate
Rich chocolate cake infused with orange zest topped with orange vanilla buttercream.
Carrot Cake
Moist carrot cake with a cream cheese buttercream frosting.
Boston Cream Cutie Pie Cupcake - Heavenly Confections, Athens, Ohio Boston Cream Cutie Pie
Classic white cake filled with creamy vanilla custard, topped with decadent dark chocolate frosting and finished with a dollop of whipped buttercream on top.
The Athens Cupcakery Italian Wedding
A delectable, traditional blend of coconut, pineapple & pecans with a smooth cream cheese icing. Drizzled to perfection with chocolate and topped with a chocolate leaf.
Milky Way Cupcake - Heavenly Confections, Athens, Ohio Milky Way
Chocolate cake filled with white fluffy buttercream and topped with a swirl of creamy caramel and fudge frosting. Sprinkles too!
The Athens Cupcakery PB & J
Peanut Butter cake filled with strawberry jelly buttercream and topped with a swirl of creamy peanut butter and sweet strawberry buttercream frosting.
The Athens Cupcakery S'Mores
Chocolate cake stuffed with marshmallow fluff topped with golden graham cracker crumbs, frosted with sweet marshmallow buttercream and finished off with a mini Hershey Bar.
The Athens Cupcakery Peppermint Hot Cocoa
Chocolate cake with a hint of peppermint, filled with marshmallow fluff, topped with vanilla buttercream and peppermint candy bits.
The Athens Cupcakery Pumpkin Pie
Vanilla spice cake filled with pumpkin pie custard, topped with spiced buttercream and graham crackers, all with a graham cracker crust.
The Athens Cupcakery Lemon Blueberry
Lemon cake with fresh blueberries baked in, topped with yellow lemon vanilla buttercream and a blue fondant flower. (fresh blueberries seasonal).
Big Breakfast Cupcake from The Athens Cupcakery Big Breakfast
My French Toast cupcake recipe with an addition of freshly made bacon baked in, and garnished with bacon bits.
The Athens Cupcakery French Toast
Vanilla cake with maple and cinammon covered in maple-vanilla buttercream and a pad of extra buttery buttercream.
French Toast with Bacon Cupcake from The Athens Cupcakery French Toast w/ Bacon
Vanilla cake with maple and cinnamon covered in maple-vanilla buttercream and garnished with bacon bits.
Honey Bee Breakfast Cupcake from The Athens Cupcakery Honey Bee
Vanilla cake infused with clover honey, topped with vanilla bean buttercream and maple granola, drizzled in honey.
The Athens Cupcakery Strawberry Wake-Up Call
Vanilla cake filled with strawberry jelly and whipped vanilla buttercream, topped with powdered sugar and rainbow sprinkles!
The Athens Cupcakery Chocolate Chip PanCakes
White cake filled with mini chocolate chips, topped with whipped maple buttercream and a touch of maple syrup.
Banana Nut Cupcake from The Athens Cupcakery - Heavenly Confections, Athens, Ohio Banana Nut
Vanilla cake with fresh bananas baked in, topped with vanilla buttercream and walnuts.
The Athens Cupcakery Apple Cake
Muffin-like Apple cake with fresh green apple, topped with brown sugar & cinammon vanilla buttercream.
The Athens Cupcakery Blueberry PanCakes
Vanilla cake filled with blueberries, topped with whipped maple buttercream and a touch of maple syrup.
The Athens Cupcakery Pumpkin Spice
Cheryl's famous Pumpkin Spice Bread filled with raisins, topped with cream cheese buttercream, sprinkled with cinammon sugar and raisins.
Premier Wedding Cake Designer in Athens, Ohio - Heavenly Confections

Your options are endless and I will work with your budget to design an exquisite cupcake tower tailored to your own unique style.

Class A Style 1 Class B Style 2 Class B Style 3 Class C Style 4
Class C Style 1 Class C Style 2 Class C Style 3 Class D Style 1
Class D Style 2 Class D Style 3 Class D Style 4 Class E Style 1

See the Wedding Cupcakes Section
for more information on Wedding Cupcake Towers

Tailored Cupcake Pricing

Class A (extra fondant flower work) $32/dz

Class B (fondant flowers) $26/dz

Class C (simple flower & swirl) $24/dz

Class D (simple swirl/simple decor$22/dz

Class E (simple swirl) $20/dz

Filled cupcakes add $3/dz

This is pricing for cupcakes WITHOUT a cake order. If you place a cake order with us, we will discount your cupcake order. This is not pricing for wedding cupcakes. Please check here for wedding cupcake pricing.

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