The Return of Michael and John

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The Return of Michael and John

Ahhh, at last the school year has ended and what a lot of hot hot memories! Michael and I did so many naughty and dirty things. I have just graduated and Michael finished his freshman year. Lets see, we fucked in the boys locker room on three different occasions. Usually it was after we finished with our practices. He ran freshman track and I was on the varsity baseball team. We would wait until our squads cleared out and went home and then we would fuck to darn near 7pm ! Oh yeah, the "I'll pick you up early tomorrow!" That always got Michael excited because it meant that he would be getting a blowjob by me before the first bell.

I estimated over 50 blowjobs I must have given him over the course of the school year in my truck in the student parking lot. No wonder he had perfect attendance all year! I loved sucking his dick. I can remember leaning over and undoing his seat belt then his pants belt. Reach down, unzip his jeans and lowering them and his briefs just enough so that his /boner/">boner flopped out. Mmmmm, sometimes I never got the chance to swallow all of his jizz and some dripped onto my varsity jacket which I still have not cleaned yet. His cum stains cover most of the collar, shoulders, front, and there is a nice little cum-run stain down the center of my letter that dripped from my chin one morning!

Now, it was summer and Michael and I are making out one afternoon in his bedroom. As we are undressing each other while we kiss and nearly nude we got the shock of our lives! In through the open doorway walks in Michael's mom! Unknown to Michael that she was only working a half day she looks at us full hd xvideo download in total shock, eyes bulging, and her jaw dropped!She pauses for a moment and says : "Well now, I figured Michael might be queer but not you John!" "How long has this been going on?" I say, "All school year." As Michael and I stared at each other with red faces and feeling ashamed, I say "I have always liked your son." "I have this incredible love and lust for him." His mom says "Thats why you like him so much then huh?" Looking at Michael, I explain to his mom, "Look at him. He is very good-looking and /cute/">cute and his body is so slim, skinny, and smooth!" She then says, "Hmmm, I have an idea."

As she went into her bedroom I could see that she took something down from a shelf. She comes back into her son's room and says, "Now boys, I want to get this all on film with my camcorder." Michael and I now have lumps in our throats and are both thinking - WHAT THE FUCK !!!

His mom says, "John, here's what I want in this order. I want you to fuck my son first, then I want him to fuck you, got it?!" Being very horny from before and now his mom about to film us got me even more excited in a kinky way. His mom, "Michael, get on your knees and suck your upperclassman's cock!" Michael being a little hesitant because of his mom recording us, she then yells out "DO IT, DO IT NOW MICHAEL! I look down at him and say "Its ok bro, just think you are next." It made him smile and he got on his knees with more anticipation and slowly began to give me head. My dick grew very quickly inside his mouth and his mom asks me, "He's a good little cocksucker isn't he John?" I reply with my eyes barely open with pleasure, "Ohhh yeah, he most certainly is."

Shortly thereafter his mom ordered me to position him free porn movies download in doggie style. She did not want either one of us to use condoms so I applied plenty of lube in and around his /asshole/">asshole and on my shaft. In a matter of seconds I was penetrating Michael at full force and speed! "Thats it! Thats it John! Fuck him! Fuck my son's brain's out!!!" While I was fucking him, I reached down with my right hand and grabbed his cock. I started to masterbate him while I fucked him as hard as I could! His mom with the camcorder very close to the action says, "Mmmm, thats it boys, work it, work it real good!" As Michael's moans increase, and his voice becoming more and more louder, I say "Ohhh, m-my mm-my God!" And not being able to pull out in time, I explode with a massive amount of cum deep inside his asshole! My orgasm was so sudden and intense, Michael continued to shiver and shake well after I was down filling him! With my dick still hard and inside of him, I pulled out of his asshole and it made a quick slurping sound as my cum drained out of his butt. His mom had to set the camcorder down, put it on pause, and got a magazine to fan herself with and said, "MY GOD, that was fucking HOTTTT!"

"Ok, now boys my next idea." "Since its looking like my son will never have a girlfriend, here is what I want done." "John, I want you to cross-dress for my son." I was like - "WHAT?!" But, after a few minutes and thinking about the whole idea I actually got aroused about the whole idea. I have always wondered what it would be like being a girl. And, I have always wanted to dress like a girl for a long time so I guess that this will be fun and different for me. Michael and his mom went to town on me. First, they shaved my legs, arms, and armpits completely clean. Next, they had me get into a pair of black nylons, black high heels, a black mini skirt, and a cute white short sleeve top all of which were his mom's. Finally, Michael's mom put a light tone mascara on me and dark red lip-stick on my lips. "Now, don't you look cute and just like a girl?" she says.

With the camera now filming again, his mom wanted me to get on my knees in front of Michael who was sitting on the edge of his bed. Not caring that I was being filmed dressed as a girl, I eagerly put Michael's dick into my mouth! As my lips closed around his young cock, I could recall the many many times I have done this before. All year I've enjoyed sucking his dick, loving the smell of his youthful crotch and balls rubbing against my chin. Now, I know that I am a real good cocksucker and as his mom watching me give her son head for the first time, I decided deep down to suck his dick like never before!

"Y-you suck me sooo well!" Michael moans out. Then his mom, "Thats it suck him, suck, suck, suck my son's boner you little faggot /whore/">whore!" I take a second for a gasp of air then I continue. His mom then says, "Michael, don't let him up for air anymore. Put your hands firmly on his head. Thats my boy!" "My my my he is quite the cocksucking whore isn't he son?" "Michael, tell your girlfriend that she is a good little cocksucker!" As I continued to give him head, I could begin to taste his creamy pre-cum and it was /sweet/">sweet!

With my white top now off, lip-stick smeared all over his dick and my face, Michael flips my mini skirt up above my waist so its out of the way. He then has me in doggie syle on his bed because he could not take anymore of thee intense blowjob and wanted to fuck. He grabs the lube and massages it in my asshole. I could feel the lube run down the crack of my butt and onto his sheets. He massaged my hole some more then put some on his hard-on. With his cock head at my awaiting asshole, his mom says "Alright, I want you to fuck her like there's no tomorrow sweetie!" His hands held firmly on my hips and he didn't start out slow at all. In fact, he was fucking me sooo hard, fast, and intense that I could literally feel my asshole expand! Michael already about to cum from my blowjob moans out, "I'm GONNA...." After only fucking me for about 4-5 minutes, he couldn't hold back any longer as his orgasm erupted with a violent torrent of cum deep inside of me!!!

He came so much that the feel of his warm jizz deep inside me felt so fucking awesome! After a minute or so, I could feel his cum exiting my butthole creating a puddle on his bed sheet. His mom then ordered Michael to start scooping it up and making me eat it! Michael collected it with his hands and told me to open my mouth wide. With a big puddle of his own cum, he shoveled it into my mouth and I said as I consumed it, "MMMmmmmm" and "Ahhhhh, that tastes so so so very good!" The huge cumload that was once deep inside my asshole was out in the open being forced fed to me and is now all in my stomach!

Michael's mom filming this to just had to pause it, step out, and take a break because this literally pushed her over thee edge and I could tell she was extremely horny! We could hear a little buzzing noise from her bedroom even with her door completely closed. Michael and I just giggled and kissed and put our arms around each other feeling completely drained !!!