Sophies new pe teacher

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
Sophies new pe teacher

Hi I'm Sophie and I've only just turned 18. I've got long, black hair that goes past my DDcup breasts and capturing green eyes. I'm around 5'5ft tall, and about average weight, so really, I'm just about perfect.

Every night I go to sleep, I can't help but think about my 18th birthday, its been a week, but the thought of it still makes me tingle. Half term is over now, and I have to go back to high school.

I pulled the covers off of me, and slipped myself out of bed. I pulled my silky dressing gown off over my head, and walked to the mirror. I was bored of the way I normally dressed, I had more confidence now. At the weekend I would go shopping, and buy a whole new, sluttier wardrobe. But for now I put on my normal school wear.

Plain white panties and bra, black skirt cut just over half way down my thighs, and a button up white shirt which I tuck into my skirt. I've got pe first, and we're getting a new /teacher/">teacher, I hope he's hotter than our last one. So I grab my /gym/">gym shorts and t-shirt, and head off for school.

As I walk into the changing room I can hear all the other girls giggling and squeaking, the new guy must be hot.

'Right girlies! Let's get changed' the new pe teacher said. Omg, I recognized that voice! O turned around to see if I could put a name to a face.

'Fuck!' I exclaimed, it was the black rugby player that was in my gangbang last week! He recognized me straight away too, I knew it.

'Hello, sophie is it?' He smiled, 'well I didn't expect to see you again' he winked at me ' go on then, go and change. 'Girls I want you on the track in 2minutes!' And he walked off.

I quickly changed into my short pe shorts that just covered my bum, and my pe t shirt that made my breasts look like water melons. He was sure to like that. I followed the other girls as we met him on the track.

'Ok girlies, today I want to see your abilities, so we're doing laps, line up!' As I went to line up at the start line with the other girls he called me back. 'Not you sophie, I know your abilities, you can stand with me'. Omg, I was starting to tingle again, I knew what was coming next. 'Go' he shouted and all of the girls began to jog off.

'So sophie, I guess as one of your teachers, I should punish you for what happened the other day' he said smoothly, yes I wanted him to punish me, I wanted him to bend me over and spank me!

'Oh, how sir?' I said as innocently as possible.

'Maybe I'll try something like this, he moved my shorts and panties to the side, so my bare pussy was revealed, and he shoved 2 fingers up there, they went in no problem, I was already wet. 'Like that ey? come on, let's use the lesson, productively, as we walk off pretend to limp, ok?'

'Yes sir'

'Girls' he shouted out, 'Sophie is hurt, so I'm going to take her to my office and sort her out, keep running!'

We walked back to the changing room, well I limped as he instructed me to. 'Ok soph, get changed into your uniform and meet me in my office'. He walked off.

I pretty much ripped off my pe clothes and shoved on my uniform. I roughly put my hair in bunchies, now I look /cute/">cute and innocent, I thought, and I walked to his office and knocked on the door. He let me in, and then locked it.

'Now sophie, you have been a /girl/naughty-girl/">naughty girl! Haven't you! You know you're going to have to be punished now, right?' God he was making me wet! I nodded.

'Come over here' he gestured for me to come to his desk, and bend over, I did. He pulled up my school skirt and revealed my ass, covered in my white panties. 'now these are a bit different to the ones you was wearing the other day, aren't they?' He gave out a small laugh, and gently rubbed his finger over my slightly covered clit, he was making me tingle! Then he began spanking my ass, hard! It hurt, yes, but it only made me hornier!

This went on for a few minutes and my ass was the wwwxxx bright red. He made me stand up, then sit on his desk facing him, he slightly spread my legs. He began rubbing my pussy again. ' Oh, little slut! Wet over your pe teacher ey? Well you'll be making fucking puddles in a minute!' He yanked my undies off of me, and threw them out of the window, 'your a slut now! And sluts don't wear panties!' He pulled down his trousers, revealing his /cock/cock-ass/massive-black-cock/">massive black cock, and he shoved it in /wet/pussy-wet/my-wet-pussy/">my wet pussy, he began pounding in to me, fucking me so hard, a had to grip onto his shoulders or I'd be flung across the desk!

I was close, so I layed flat on the table, and he removed his cock, I let my juices flow all over him! 'I'm not done yet' he sniggered, and he picked me up and bent me over the table again, he ripped my top open, a few of the buttons ripped off! And he began fondling my breasts. He spat all over my /asshole/">asshole, and without warning shoved his cock in, I yelped with pain, but I bucked my hips, and joined in with him, he /ass/ass-fucking/fucked-my-ass/">fucked my ass hole for about 5mins, then he picked me up, still impailed on his cock, and turned me to face him.

He layed me flat on the desk, and put his rock /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock back into my pussy, he fucked me so hard, and I was close again, but this time so was he! He pulled his cock out, and I came all over his desk, creating a puddle that was dripping to the floor, then he walked beside my face, and let his hot sticky cum out all over my /sweet/">sweet little face.

He pulled wwwxxx his trousers back on, and unlocked the door, ' let yourself out, I'll see you next gym lesson soph!' And he winked, then he was gone. I lay there, in a world of lust, his cum all over my face, my cum all over his desk. I really can't wait till the next gym lesson!