First time with Anne Tan

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First time with Anne Tan

Anne Tan was turning 18 and I was 21 then when the story occurred. She was Pasir Ris’ (Our local neighbourhood) U-18s Ladies basketball’s team shooting guard, the cream of the crop among all the players I coached during short 2 years stint with them. I first saw Anne when she was 15, dressed in plain T-shirt, shorts and a baseball cap, in-line skating around the basketball court, during one of the Fridays U-18s Men basketball team training session. As I was the player and Assistant Coach then, I had to ensure everything’s in proper storage after every session. And there she always would be, still skating round long into the night. It wasn’t till the end of 5th session, about ½ hour after the whole team gone for the night that she approached me, during my personal intensive training session preparing for an up-coming match. Like any girls in their 15s, she was becoming a nuisance, as the session progressed, skating closer and closer with each round she made, till she was actually skating blowjob porn videos on the concrete basketball floor itself. I immediately stopped my training, shouted at her and indicated that I wanted her in front of me, as I wanted to have a word with her. After about 5 minutes of giving my piece of mind, about respecting the court grounds, demanded her to take-off her skates at once (which she reluctantly did) and her being a nuisance. Her next words and reply got me stunned for a while. 

’I’ve been observing the basketball team for a while, and really interested to be in Anglican High’s (her school) Ladies Basketball Team.’ She said.
’But I don’t have any basketball experience or training, so can you teach me?’ She continued.

I glanced at her, from head to toe, A-cup and all and thought to myself ’ She’s so tomboyish but nevertheless a young woman in the making. However personally to me, basketball and women don’t mix, and decided to have some fun at her expense. So I pick up the ball and slammed it directly into her tummy, smiled gingerly and said: ’We gonna play First to 11 and if you can score 1 basket against me, I would consider your request, but if you can’t, then your request is denied.’ ’Don’t think just because you are a young lady, I would go soft on you. I will treat you like any other guys on the team.’ I added. So it began, the game that changed both her and me. 

The result was an effortless 11 ’ 0 in my favour, with her bruised and dirty from all that ’In-Your-Face’ plays. As she stood at the sidelines, nursing her cuts and bruises, I changed my mind as she got guts, determination and attitude, which I admired. However what impressed me the most was that she neither sulked nor bitched, and even had the audacity to challenged me to another round, as I walked towards her. 

I placed my hands on her shoulders and said: ’It’s okay. The results will still be the same, even if we had a few more rounds.’ ’Though you had lost physically, you are already a winner in spirit.’ ’The score didn’t matter anyway’So Yes, milf porn videos I will train you, but you must agree to my conditions.’ I added. 
’Firstly’I will only train you after the whole U-18s Men’s team has gone.’ I said
’Secondly’No matter how tired you are, or how you’re feeling you must come for training’’I continued.
’Lastly’Respect the basketball grounds when you enter’ I winked. 

So in the middle of May 1994 a Coach ’ Player relationship began. From then till mid-1995’Come rain, hail or shine’There we were on the courts’I taught her different techniques and tactics of basketball. She was a fast learner, not only being drafting in her school’s, but also the local neighbourhood’s Ladies basketball team within a year of training. I was recommended as the successor coach for the neighbourhood’s U-18s Ladies basketball team by her and my U-21s Men basketball team coach, when the coach then was retiring. There I was, a 19-year-old, both a 1st year U-21s Men basketball player and 1st year U-18s Ladies basketball coach. With that, I saw and trained her 2 times a week, first with the U-18s Ladies basketball team on Tuesdays nights and after the U-21s Men basketball team training on Thursdays nights. As time went on, we were strictly coach and player on the courts, but off the courts we were mucking around like close siblings.

It was on the night of November 19th 1997, on the beach beneath the starry sky that got to know each other physically better. We had planned a quiet 1-day overnight camp and barbecue on an off-shore island beach with each other, in celebration for cringing a quadruple achievement a week ago - The 1997 Nationwide Basketball Trophy in both our age-division, Tournament’s MVP Shield for her, Winner’s medal for being the Ladies basketball team coach for me. We decided for the quiet getaway, after all that /crazy/">crazy neighbourhood celebrations, as to plan and reflect on our next steps in life, (For me, it was the compulsory Nation’s military commitments, and for her ’ An Overseas Masters in Multimedia studies.) and some beach activities. 

We met at the void deck of her apartment about 10ish that morning, loaded all the necessary gears and bicycles into the jeep, prior to a 10-minutes drive towards the jetty and a ½-hour sea voyage. Upon arrival, we decided to do some trail cycling, before searching a suitable spot to set camp, and got on with usual beach activities. As it rained the previous night, the trail was rather muddy, with tons of pothole ’mines’ lurking in our path. After an hour plus of wild downhill sprints, tiring uphill climbs, mind-bending curves and victim to those countless ’mines’, we knew we had enough of an adrenaline rush for the day and proceed back towards the jeep, with our bodily clinging soaked jerseys and mud covered cycles in tow. As we stepped out from the dense forest vegetation shade and into the welcoming sunlight, I noticed Anne’s nipples were already perked from her dark Fox jersey’s top torso area. Despite she being small-breasted, she always wears bras, if not some kind of supportive wears. However with the well-soaked top clinging to her body, it didn’t prevent revealing everything about her frontal contours, and hidden nothing from sight. (Had a slight penile movement.) As we took a breather, we discussed our eventual camping destination. 

It didn’t took us long to agree on whereabouts, cause in our minds we both knew it would be our rather secluded usual area, whenever we come to that beach, located at the western end of the island. After some distance, we finally arrived and set up tent and camp instantaneously. After all the necessary tasks were done, it was time for some Sun, Sand and the Sea excitement, so I got behind some bushes and her into the amenity located nearby, and changed into our beach apparel. It was the very /first-time/">first time I saw her in a 2-piece Nike tankini, other than the usual 1-piece swimming outfit. (Had a small erection then.) We proceed to air-dry our heavily perspired mud soaked clothes on the tent’s line, lined the tandem kayaks against the shore, and pedaled out towards open water. We could only spend about 1½ hours kayaking, and decided to pedal back towards shore, as the waves were choppy from all the ships travelling within that area. It didn’t damp our spirits much, though I felt some disappointment, despite her face not showing it. 

So as we were approaching shore, I leaned over my lefts, which tilted the kayak of its axis and capsized, ejecting both of its occupants into the murky chest-deep depths. When we surfaced, she stared momentarily, before sucker-punched me in the arm, and soon laugher broke out between us. As it was rather impossible to mount the kayak under choppy conditions, and her being the weaker swimmer, it’s better that she got on the capsized kayak, and I pushed it back towards shore. With that, I lifted her feet out of the water, and after several attempts (Each time she fell back into the water, her varies genitals brushed against me) finally assisted her onto the inverted kayak, handed her the oars and started swimming for shore, pushing the kayak heading towards shore. Gosh, it was hard work trying to battle strong undercurrents, and pushing the kayak with her on top back to shore. However my mind wasn’t on the task at hand, but on the penile-enlarging view ahead. As she sat faced towards me with her legs opened to each side, I got a distinct bird-eye’s view of her lower torso and apprehend her spongy pussy lips silhouette from her damp translucent baby-blue tankini bottom. I glanced at her, and could see that she was blushing hard, was knew that was the only practical method of stabilisation, there was not much she could do about it, and tried to ignored that I was physically there. As for me, I was struggling hard not to look, but with a raging hard-on, both mind and eyes constantly zeroing on the ’target’, I had to switch my focus forcefully, back onto the imminent task. (It’s sure a good thing I was in the water at that time, as it hidden and smoothed my ’salami’ with its cold water.) After much effort, we both made it safely back on land, and rested a while, before I grabbed and dumped her into the water, thus started the chase along the beach, splashed water at each other and other usual beach antics. Then we both lay on the soft sandy beach totally exhausted, got a slight tan and dried off, before showering and preparing for dinner. 

So there we were, sat down side by side on the stone breakwater, located outside our tent, chatting away with the setting sun beyond the horizon, while dining on charcoal-grilled food We talked about life, about friends, studies, basketball’etc. We both must be on that breakwater for several hours, enjoying the cool November sea breeze lying side by side under the starry sky, before a /freak/">freak gale came, thus warning of a sudden change in weather. We got up reluctantly, started cleaning up promptly and managed to head for tent, before the light grizzles became into droplets, and droplets into heavy rain or what I always label as God’s ’Full-Flush’. Gosh’It was sure raining cats and dogs, cause we can really feel the force of each droplet of rain hitting the tent’s exterior. Back in the tent, we continued our abrupt conversation, played some cards and board games, before retiring late into the night. As we both lay down, trying to get some shuteye, Anne suddenly lay on her side and whispered somethings that really surprised me.

’What kind of girls do I liked?’ ’What criteria(s) I am looking for?’ 
’Though I’m not flat-chested like some girls, I feel that my breast are still hardly noticeable!’
’Do you like women with small, sufficient or capacious boobs?’
’Do you feel that I’m too tomboyish for guys to notice me?’

Before I could answered any, her next question and subsequent action that really caught me off-guard. ’Remembered the first day we met? I like you then’And much more after all the time we shared!’ ’Do you fancy me?’ She murmured in a sexy voice, gently resting her hand on my right thigh. 

After pondering on all her questions carefully, I chose only to answer her last question: - ’A bit, but more like a friend’And perhaps love you like a little si’’
She interrupted before I could finish my response, and said: - ’Yeah. Right!’ ’Why should I believe you?’ ’Your lower body has obviously betrayed your mouth.’ As she replied as her hand stroked up and down my thigh gingerly, before resting them near my groin, pressurising my currently enraging erection to almost ’rip’ through my shorts.
’I did noticed you ’violated’ at me with lustful eyes, not once but several times for the duration of the day, especially during our ’adventure’ at sea’ ’I don’t have to spell it out’You know!’ ’It’s very apparent for anyone to see!’ She added. 
’What violate?’ ’What lustful eyes?’ ’What ’But’’

I already knew no matter I gonna say would be futile. Before I could think of a defensive reply, she continued: - ’You actually ’touched’ me ’there’’You know!’ 
’What?’ I exclaimed. ’It was purely accidental’I had to catch you, just to break your fall each time before you hit the water’Just that your ’landing’ angle was off each time, if you haven’t noticed!’ I replied. ’I’m sorry if I did violated you’But that thought never crossed my mind’Honestly.’ I continued.

But what I said didn’t registered in Anne’s mind at all, as her hands inched closer towards the ’tent-pole’ in my shorts. Like a cat, she suddenly sprung up, sat on my stomach, and with one hand pinned my hands against my chest and the other stroking ’The One-eyed snake’, and said: - ’Do me’Now!’ ’It doesn’t matter whether you like me as a friend, a sister or what!’ ’I only just want you in me now’And you know you want that too!’ ’It’s only natural!’ She moaned.

Though we knew what we gonna do is wrong, with all the values and morals we knew, gradually being locked far behind our minds. Despite temperatures decreasing with the cold wind howling outside, vice versa was said of the happenings within the tent. It was getting really fast and fiery inside. Fewer words and more action were indeed the way’And the Only way to go.

As I was the obviously stronger individual, I managed freed my hands, and placed them against her waist, as to cushioned her effortless ’dismount’ from my stomach. (Though she did put up some unavailing attempt to remain ’rooted’). As I laid her on her side, I pashed her gently on her cheeks, and she immediately returned it, with a /kissing/soft-kiss/">soft kiss on the lips. Kisses were exchanged to and fro, getting robust and hasty with each round, with hands roving in all directions yet aimlessly. After a 10+ round lips bout, I proceed to move my hands from her waist, up towards her breasts. Though they were indeed small in both sight and touch, nevertheless still felt like apricots, as I took them into each palm, and my fingers enclosed and caressing it. With each stroke seemingly releasing the built-up tension, for they seemed to have a life on their own, and slightly increased in volume before my eyes. Her nipples are swelling fast and hard, like small mung beans through her top. After much caressing, I reached behind, and after some attempts, managed to unclasp her bra cleanly. As the bra she worn was strapless and her tops still firmly on, it just fell out as I lifted her upright, and thrown her white ’Hello Kitty’ bras over her head, as I continued with my frontal assault, and slowly worked towards disrobing her top. Concurrently we both lifted our hands in sync, and assisted each other in taking our tops off. Hers felt more like ripping my shirt off. The moment as her top was removed, her hands instantly retreated and to cover her naked ’peaks’. Without much thought, I positioned my hands over hers, for I knew she was always rather conscious about her ’twin headlights’. 

’They are not only very small, and slightly not proportionate.’ ’I’m very scared you wouldn’t like what you see.’ She said softly
’It’s okay’ ’They might be small and disproportionate, but still I’m able to be felt something just now.’ ’Though sight is vital’To me personally, feel is more important.’ I answered; thus hoping it would assure her in certain ways. 

Slowly but surely, she loosened her grip and freed them from exhibition. With her top and bras off, I said as I admired those breasts: - ’Though her breast indeed was marginally disproportionate, however appeared balanced when viewed from afar.’ With that, I too confirmed what I felt moments ago. Her freed breast indeed appeared to have slightly increased in mass, and with blood rushing towards them, giving them a sexy light-pinkish tone, which felt more like peaches, and her nipples a lovely rosy colour, that looked and felt more like capers as they became fully erected
So she happily asked: - ’So you liked what you see?’
’What do you think?’ I replied teasingly, as my hands began zooming in for more frontal assaults. 

She gave me a gentle slap on the cheeks, and said: - How dare you make fun of me?’ She tried to turn away, but I gently push and pinned her down on her back, before she could make her move. After a while of frontage hand assault, I proceed on with my battle plan, situating my mouth over her breasts, giving each equal treatment as I gently felt and lined them with kisses. Her caper-liked nipples were standing proudly from her breasts, and with each time I journeyed over them, I felt and licked them with my tongue. She would hunched and lifted her back slightly off the tent’s base, and moaned softly each time I licked and savoured her now highly responsive nipples. She halted the frontal assault as her sensitive nipples were getting overly ticklish to touch. I kissed her on her forehead in acknowledgment to her request, and advanced downwards towards uncharted ’bushlands’.

As I slowly descended, paving the route with kisses and inching my way steadily towards my newly acquired target. After placing some tender smooches on her firm cute tummy, I gently turned and laid her faced down as I moved on towards her back. I gave her a short shoulder and back massage, as kisses surfed her back, from the top all along the way till the end of her spine, which was hidden by the her shorts top elastic band. After ensuring she felt all relaxed, and her back’s tension fully relieved, I proceed in lifting her front lower torso slightly off the ground, as I placed my fingers on the elastics, and removed her shorts languidly over her smooth perky rear, down to her ankles, and then taking them off entirely. I was truly mesmerised by sight of her 2 firm rear cheeks, perking from her matching white ’Hello Kitty’ boy-leg undies. That was the first time I saw them partial nude and placed my hand over on each side, and felt her baby-like smooth hairless surface. 

’Gosh!’ I exclaimed. ’Never knew you had a prefect 10 bum!’ ’You must had taken very good care of them.’ I added as I proceed massaging them.
’Of course!’ She happily replied. ’All that in-line skating and basketball kept them well-toned.’ ’Moreover I ensure that it’s well moisturised before bed each night.’ She said with pride. ’I did all that, cause I want you to enjoy them!’ She continued.
’Thanks’I will appreciate them as requested!’ I winked as I replied her. 

After feeling and massaging her rear cheeks for some time, I placed my nose on them unconsciously sniffed them. It was the unmistakable scent of ’Johnson’s Baby products’ that filled my nostril. As I shifted slowly downwards, another odour that I couldn’t identify at all invaded. An emanation that truly unusual and unique in its own rights, and dilating intensively as I inched closer towards her ’secret garden’. (It was also then that I came to know that very woman has uniquely different scent below, as I had sex once before [Chelsea Story]) It was then that I realised that she had gradually parted her legs, as I traced her bum’s scent downwards, thus deliberately releasing that mysterious fragrance. It was also then that I noted a constant accelerating damp spot, concentrated in the middle of her panties, previously sandwiched between her legs, and now stuck there utterly touching bare skin. As I embarked on an intriguing trip down south, I recognised some clear secretion leaking out from that fully soaked spot, and she shivered slightly as I gently brushed my index finger, moistened its tip against the cloth, before placing in my mouth for a taste. Only 1 word could describe the taste then ’ /sweet/">sweet! I realised that the more I brushed my fingers against it, the more secretion came forth. And before long, I was tugging at the middle of her panties, with her twisting and turning franticly with each lick of my tongue. After a while, she reached my hands, placed them at the top of the undies elastic band, and motioned for me to take them off. Like with her shorts, I lifted her gently off the ground, fashioned her undies gingerly over her smooth perky rear, down to her ankles, and then stripping off entirely. Now with her rear was fully naked in front of me, I can fully and truly cherish what God had bestowed upon her.