Love in the Shadows

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Love in the Shadows

Jones sighed, looking at himself in the mirror. He just had to be calm, and everything would be fine. He looked down. Jenny's hand steadily pumped his cock, her incredible lips latched around it, sucking as she did so.

Jones gasped, his cock shivering slightly. He was...

Jenny swallowed, a dribble of cum running down her lips. She licked it up, loving ever droplet. Jones pulled her to her feet, kissing her as he did so, tasting himself on her lips. His hands moved to the sides of her face, holding her there. Jenny's tail swished back and forth, brushing along Jones' legs, which were bare.

"I've got" Jones pulled away. Jenny pulled him back onto her, kissing him again.

'to" Jones got in another word. Jenny's kiss moved down to his neck, nuzzling him with her nose, nostrils flared. She loved how he smelled when he was like this, a musky scent that real forced anal against her will humans could only begin to understand.

"go" Jones pulled away. Jenny frowned, her furry ears moving backwards against her head. It was a tell tail sign of being disappointed.

"I'm sorry" Jones pulled his pants up, pushing his still into his pants. Jenny continued to frown. "We still have ten minutes before the talk begins" Jenny said, "Enough for you to-"

"I have to arrive early" Jones said, "But you can watch...and afterwards" he smiled. Jenny shook her head, "No...I've got an appointment later. A very important one...but after that!"

Jones smiled. Jenny grabbed him and kissed him one last time, tongue pushing into his mouth. Then Jones was pulling away, walking out of the room and down the hall. Jenny stood in her room, for it had been her room for the past...two weeks. What an incredible two weeks...

Jones got into the taxi cab, checking his watch. The blowjob, if anything, had made him more nervous before. But he had memorized the speech and there was nothing more to do then to just...talk.

"Werewolves, Vampires and other misc. undead have been with us longer then we ourselves have been on the planet. Vampires have preyed on us, Werewolves have warred with us...and zombies have eaten a good number of us" There was a laugh from the audience, "But what exactly makes a werewolf, the most humanoid of all the different races?"

"Vampires do look like us, aside from the red eyes and fangs, but they are not human in the sense of abilities. Super strength, night vision, and long life. In comparison Werewolves are remarkably human. They live, blood pumps in their veins and they have to fear a death to old age, just as we. The only significant improvements of Werewolves over humans are their ears, which are with them in all cycles of the moon"

"However it is during the last cycle of the moon that werewolves get the most different. The moon makes their powers stronger, so they can turn from human form to wolf form. This is all well and good, but what exactly makes this work? Well thats what this talk is about...."

Jenny stepped into the apartment, holding her clothes tight about her. The place was dark, of course, and completely bare of any furniture other then a cot and...a coffin. The coffin was leaned against the far side of the wall, a ominous reminder of what Jenny was here for. The speech Jones was at was almost over, by her watch...but she couldn't think about Jones here...

Jenny's bar was one of the most successful in the city...but no one ever noticed why. It was not that her drinks were especially better, or that the building was better or even nicer in any way shape or form. It was because, when she was young, she had found a woman named Valeria, or Vale as Jenny called her. Vale was eighteen at the time, ten years ago. She was still eighteen now, or at least she looked eighteen.

The coffin opened and Vale stepped out, draped in a long robe. The robe was gauze thin, and Jenny could see the pertness of her nipples, and the coloring of her skin. Vale's eyes opened and red eyes sparkled in the darkness. Jenny felt an involuntary squeeze in her heart, and a wetness between her legs.

For when a ten year old Jenny had met Vale, Vale had made her an offer. Vale, being a , had a respectable level of Blood Magic, the abilities of vampires to manipulate the world around them. The offer was to drink of Vale's blood, and Vale to drink of Jenny's blood. Vale had become wild then, holding Jenny down and licking her, as Jenny's mother cleaned her. But these licks were not cleaning, instead they made Jenny feel dirty, as if she were doing something wrong.

Vale had put a charm on Jenny's bar in return for the blood, the power only increased by them being connected by the exchange of blood. So Jenny had been successful at everything, and the only price was.

"Ah...slave" Vale said, her demure voice only making Jenny more exited, "Are you ready for me?"

"Y...Yes " Jenny bowed her head. Vale walked to her and forced her head up, eyes flashing. "Something is different..." Vale murmured, "You...you have made love"

Jenny blanched. Vale's fingers dropped, expertly slipping into Jenny's pants and probing her pussy. Vale licked the fingers, bringing them out of her slave. "A man" Vale said, "And...he's followed you"

Jenny turned around.

Jones was riding the taxi-cab home when he saw Jenny. She was walking to an apartment, looking harried. "Stop the cab!" Jones said, raising his hand and tapping the taxi-driver on the shoulder.

Jones followed Jenny, smiling. She walked into an apartment, one that seemed dilapidated and abandoned. Jones creeped up, following Jenny easily. She was so distracted, she didn't even smell him. xnxxv sunny leone video She normally smelled him...

Vale stood by the door when Jones walked in, so he didn't see her. Then she stepped in front of him, eyes connecting with him.

"You are now under my power" Vale said. Jones knew he should look away, to break the connection. But...he couldn't. Vampires did that, with their hypnotic eyes.

"Jenny" Jones gasped, noticing Jenny sitting at the head of the cot...but she was wearing a coller, the chain linking her to the bed, "Wh..what is going on?"

"I can't do anything" Jenny said, her voice flat, "We're both her slaves for an hour and a half, per my agreement"

Vale nodded, eyes gleaming, "You...love her, don't you?" she picked the information out of Jones head as easily as she took control of him, "My can play with each other...as well as with me. Now...you are in love with me as well"

Jones felt a sudden attraction to her, his cock springing to life. Vale kissed him, her lips cool. Jones pushed his tongue in, feeling the bumps of her teeth. Jones felt Vale's hands pull his pants down. He heard a chain clink. He looked, able to look away now that Vale's eyes were closed. Jenny was straining on her coller, her breasts bare to the open air. She had torn her shirt open. Jones took a half step to her, wanting to pleasure her.

Vale's hands appeared on Jones' chest, holding him back. Her breasts, separated only by his shirt and her thin layer of gauze, pressed into his back. "Mmmmm" Vale pushed his head to the side, baring his neck, "Fresh blood....its all different you know, vampire, werewolf, human. And its been a long time sense I've head fresh human blood. Stuff from the blood banks just don't cut it anymore..."

She sank her fangs into Jones neck and sucked experimentally. Jones felt a pain wrack him, but he couldn't move. Vale's hand dropped lower, feeling his cock through his pants. Jones gasped. Jenny stood, almost strangling on the chain.

Vale took her teeth away from Jones' neck. She licked the wound, closing it with her tongue. Then she let him go. "Play with your toy" She said, "Take her in a way you had never done before"

Jones stood, just out of reach of Jenny. She strained on the chain. "Take me!" she growled, her voice deep and guttural, "Take me!".

Jones looked at Vale for confirmation.

Vale was nude, the gauze dropping from her shoulders. She was playing with her right tit, obviously enjoying the show.

Jones pushed forward, shoving Jenny onto the bed. She hit the bed, wincing as her tail slammed into the frame. Jones rolled her over onto her hands and knees, wanting to take her like...then he noticed the other chains connected to the cot. "Use them" Vale's voice was soft, but Jones felt the command.

He clamped the handcuffs to Jenny's wrists and ankles. She was held in the doggy position. Her left hand was straining against the chain, trying to reach her pussy. Her tail was jerking back and forth, madly. Jones walked to her front, dropping his pants. Jenny strained against the coller, mouth open and waiting for the cock that Jones had out. He loved her like this, seeing how much she wanted him. He knew, in the back of his mind, that this was mostly Vale's magic at work on him. But still he stood, hard cock a half an inch from Jenny's face. Her tongue reached out, trying to touch the cock.

Jones waited a half second long. Jenny made a sound at the back of her throat, straining against the chain. Vale's fingers pushed into her own pussy, spreading the lips. She moaned, watching the two of them. Jones pushed forward, pushing his cock into her throat. Jenny started to devour him, her pussy dripping as she did so.

Jones came sooner then he thought, his balls contracting as he pulled out of Jenny's mouth. He came, spraying over her chin and nose. A single dribble of cum was on her ear. She groaned, "MORE!"

Jones moved to her back, cock already hard again. He pushed her ass up in the air, making her pussy more easy to access. Then he rammed into her, grunting. Vale walked to Jenny and offered her left tit to her. Jenny took the nipple in her teeth, not even bothering with her lips. Vale sighed. She loved the way Jenny sucked tit. It was a ferocious thing, a werewolf making love.

Vale got onto the cot, standing over Jenny. Jenny craned her head up, arching her back to give Jones better access. Then she attacked Vale's pussy, tongue stabbing into it, teeth nipping at Vale's swollen clit. Jones was about to cum again. He shoved hard into Jenny, shooting semen deep inside her. Vale came as well, Jenny's attention on her pussy bringing her to . Jenny, finally, was sated. She fell forward, relaxing on the chains. Jones fell on top of her, hugging her close. He loved her so much, the intoxicating smell of her in the air.

Vale smiled, melting back into the shadows. Now she had two toys to play with. The time limit she and Jenny had agreed on, ten years ago, was almost over. "You are free to go" she said, softly. The chains unlocked themselves. Jenny rolled onto her back and Jones kissed her, both of them sweaty and . Jones' hand run along the side of Jenny, her skin smooth and slick. He moved his kiss down her cheek to her ear. "I love you" he whispered, kissing her ear. Jenny's fingers dug into his back and he pushed into her again.

Vale watched, with something close to amazement. They were going at it again, even after she had been tired and done with. But thats a werewolf for you...a werewolf and a human. She stepped into her coffin, wanting to rest. They would leave...but Jenny would be back in a week or so. The debt was one of a lifetime, and Jenny had quite a life to lead.

*** Stay tuned for more erotic adventures with all manners of supernatural creatures. Werewolves, vampires...everything but zombies. Cause thats just gross.