Love Lessons

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Love Lessons

It was the summer between my freshman year and sophomore year of college. My parents had run off to Europe for 2 months---without me. I was bored and spent a lot of time reading magazines and texting my /friend/best-friend/">best friend Veronica from the comfort of a pool chair. One evening after dinner, I was finishing yet another magazine when a frisbee flew over the fence.

Through the slats I could see my next door neighbors face. His name was Lance, and he had been my neighbor for about 5 years. He and his wife would occasionally have me take care of their pets when they went on vacation. "Hey, Jill, can you bring that over here, please?" I picked up the frisbee and was going to toss it over the fence, but Lance told me to just come over, which I did. Lance and his friend Kevin were hanging out, drinking some beer.

Lance said his wife had run off for a month to see some cousins she hadnt seen in years. I told Lance that my parents had deserted me as well. I hadnt talked to him in about a year, so we did some catching up. I even had a couple of beers while we talked. After a few hours of talking, Lance and Kevin became flirty. Lance asked me if I had a boyfriend. I told him I didnt, that I found college boys boring. Neither of them could believe it. " You are smoking hot, Jill," said Kevin. "There must be someone." "no one," I said. I was very /cute/">cute--long, dark hair, nice sized tits, and because I was /athletic/">athletic, a toned body.

I explained to Lance and Kevin that my looks got me into my fair share of situations. Guys tended to just see the physical features and not be interested in me. By then my tongue had been loosened by the beer and I admitted that I was a virgin. Lance and Kevin gave each other a look. "Its true", I said. I explained that I wasnt by any means saving myself for a special guy, but I wanted someone who would be patient and teach me.

I found all of the guys I knew in college just wanted to put a dick in a pussy and that was all. Lance listened to what I said then told me "I could be that guy". He told me that Kevin and himself had a goal to both have sex with a virgin. Kevin had fulfilled that several years back, and now it was Lances turn. And he told me he was very serious. I didnt know what to say. Lance told me to think about it, and come back tomorrow evening no matter what I decided. He told me we could just explore some things, no pressure, and if I felt uncomfortable we could stop. I left and couldnt sleep that night. By morning, I knew what I wanted to do.

The next evening, I knocked on Lances door. He opened it and got a huge grin on his face."So you want to do this?" I told him maybe I did, and that I would like to go slow. He asked me what kind of experience I had. I told him just some kissing and groping, really. I had never given or received /oral/oral-sex/">oral sex, or even given a hand job. Lance told me he would go slow and teach me everything. He then said he wanted to ask me a question. "Can Kevin join in? He wants to watch mostly, but he would like to participate when he can". I told him that I thought it would be fun to have the attention of two guys.

Lance told me he had thought out a plan. "Tonight I just want you to get naked. I just want you to get used to being naked in front of us. We wont touch you, although that will be very difficult, trust me. Kevin and I will probably jerk off, if thats okay, but we wont touch you tonight." I told him that would be a good start. We went into the basement where there was a family room with a couple of sofas and a few chairs. Kevin told me to get naked as I felt comfortable. I started by taking off my tshirt. After a beer I took off my shorts. Kevin and Lance were sitting on the couch opposite me and were obviously very excited.

After an hour of talking and joking around with them, I took off my bra. Lance told me he loved my tits and couldnt wait to have them in his mouth. Both of them had by now taken off their shirts and shorts and were in their boxers. I felt only slightly shy about being in just my underwear, which surprised me. Lance asked me if I was comfortable and I told him that I was. Soon I stood up and removed my black lace panties. Lance and Kevin followed suit and I could see that they both had huge erections. True to their word, they didnt lay a hand on me. Kevin told me that he was going to "relieve the pressure" he felt and began jerking off.

Lance also started jerking off. I was actually surprised at how large Lance was--I had seen a couple of pornos and knew that the actors were unusually big. He was at least 9 inches long and had some substantial girth. I wondered how his cock would ever fit in me, but I knew somehow it would and that it would feel good. Both Lance and Kevin ended up coming into some tissues they had ready. Lance said he definitely needed to come again, and within just a few minutes both were hard again. He asked me to sit with my legs spread, and I was suddenly very shy, but I did as he asked.

Both guys jerked at the their cocks until they came again, this time they didnt have anything to come into, so the /semen/">semen spurted all over. Afterwards, they both sat on the sofa, breathing hard and tired. I thanked them for keeping their words, got dressed, told them I would be back tomorrow night, and left. I went home, very aroused, and restlessly went to sleep. I didnt want them to know, but I had never touched myself or had an orgasm, and I wanted to wait to be with them to do it.

The next evening, Lance informed me that they would touch me tonight. He said they would play with my tits and touch me everywhere, but that is as far as it would progress. Again, we went down to the basement. They took me into a spare bedroom and we all stripped. I knew that when I finally had an orgasm, I would probably explode. I was still aroused from the night before. Lance began by gently sucking on my tits. I felt a sensation in my pussy I had not felt before. I could feel that my pussy was getting wetter already. Kevin was watching Lance play with my tits, and was already hard and playing with himself.

Soon Kevin was sucking on one side and Lance the other. "You have beautiful, perfect, tits, Jill" said Lance. They asked me if I would like to have them come on my tits when the time came. "Oh, yes" I answered breathlessly. Lance ran his right hand up and down my body while he tugged on his hard dick with his left. Kevin kissed me and played with my tits. Soon both were spilling hot semen all over my chest. I loved the feel of it. Kevin laid down on one side of me and Lance on the other and we dozed for a short while. When I woke up, Lance grabbed a towel and gently cleaned me up. I was so excited still.

I told Lance I wanted more, but he said he was determined to stick with his plan and teach me more before he took my virginity. He told me that nights lesson was over, and to return the next evening.

So I found myself the next night, once again in the bedroom, naked, along with Lance and Kevin. Lance told me it had been hard for him the night before to see me go, and that he had jerked off twice after I had gone. Kevin told me he had also gone home and fantasized about me and also jerked off. Tonight, Lance told me, they were going to give me an orgasm. I knew it probably wouldnt take much. I had been aroused for two whole days. They started by touching me all over, and kissing and sucking on my tits. I still really hadnt touched either of them, and Kevin explained that I would in good time, but right now it was my turn.

Lance gently spread my legs and asked me if I was pretty turned on. I told him definitely. He put two fingers on my clit and started rubbing in a circular motion while Kevin went to the foot of the bed to watch. He rubbed up and down and I got more and more wet. Lance talked dirty to me--"you like my fingers rubbing your /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy, dont you?" and "I bet your pussy is so tight, I cant wait to fuck you". I said "I want you to fuck me. I am ready, please, fuck me." but Lance said we had to stick to the plan. I could feel a sensation unlike any other I have ever had building as Lance kept rubbing my clit.

Soon I was screaming as an incredible sensation happened in my pussy. Kevin was at the foot of the bed and as I came, he did also, and his semen hit my pussy. Lance began jerking himself off, taking a very short time to also come all over me. After we rested, Lance told me he was going to make me come again, but he wanted to get me clean in the shower.

All three of us jumped in the shower, and Lance soaped me up, paying special attention to my pussy. Kevin toweled me off, and we headed back to the bed, where this time Kevin fingered me, and once again, I came hard. Both of the guys jerked off again, this time coming into towels. I told them I liked it when they shot their loads all over me and got me messy.

The next evening when I was at Lances house, Kevin told me that the plan for that night was to have me give them both hand jobs. I had watched carefully how they pleasured themselves, so I was confident I could do it well. This time we stayed in the family room and Lance put a sheet on the floor because he said he had a feeling it would get messy. He put lube in my hand and told me to start stroking. His cock was massive, in my limited experience. I stood behind him and reached around and began stroking his cock up and down. He cock was hard, and I found myself getting excited.

Up and down I went, following his instruction on pressure and grip. He couldnt control himself, and after about ten minutes, cum dripped off my hand and onto the sheet covered floor. He kissed me and told me that I had done a good job. Now it was Kevins turn. He told me to sit beside him on the sofa and stroke him. Again, I followed his instructions, and he also came after about ten minutes, his semen squirting on my hand, his legs, and also hitting the floor.

He told me to lay down and spread my legs, and he wiped some of the semen off his leg to use it as lube while he pleasured me, even though I was already very wet. I was exhausted after, and fell asleep on Lances sofa. The next morning, Lance and Kevin were gone to work, but a note they had left for me said "tonight, you will learn the ways of the tongue."

The next evening:Again we went into the bedroom. Lance and Kevin paid a lot of attention to my body, kissing and touching everywhere. Lance told me to spread my legs and told me he was going to pleasure me orally. He began licking up and down my pussy. It felt amazing and I didnt know how much more of the lesson I could take. Lance kept telling me how good I tasted. When he put his tongue in my cunt, I felt as if I was going to jump out of my body. I grabbed his head and shoved his tongue deeper in. He worked my pussy with his tongue for nearly 30 minutes until I came, screaming.

Kevin had been watching and from time to time he would tell me to stroke his cock. Lance told me he was going to come, and while I stroked Kevin, Lance stroked himself and they both exploded all over me. Kevin told me he was going to eat me, and while he was going down, he smeared their semen all over my chest and stomach. Kevin was also very skilled, and I wanted his tongue up my cunt, and I breathlessly begged him to do so. He obliged, and after another 20 minutes I came again. We all showered together and then I jerked off both of them onto the shower floor.

The next night was their turn--first Lance warmed me up by giving me another spectacular orgasm with his mouth, and then he told me he was going to instruct me in good head. I put my mouth around his cock as he instructed, moving it up and down on the shaft. He told me to lick the tip, which I did, and lick and suck his balls, which I also did. He was standing in front of me as I kneeled, and he groaned over and over. At one point, he told me to take it deeper into my mouth, which I did. I thought I would gag, but for whatever reason did not. I found I really like sucking on a /cock/big-cock/">big cock.

I licked and sucked on Lances /balls/ball-cock/cock-and-balls/">cock and balls like I had been doing it for years. Lance asked me if I wanted to swallow his cum. I nodded that I did. I could tell Lance was getting really close, and he shoved his cock deep into my mouth and said "Here it comes, take it!" as I felt his warm juice slide down my throat. Lance fell onto the bed, panting. "/first-time/">first time and you suck cock like a pro!" Kevin gave me a time to recover, then shoved his cock in my mouth. He also told me how he liked it and asked me if I wanted to swallow.

I told him I did and I told him how much I liked Lances cum, and he too shoved his cock deep into my throat and once again I felt hot juice going down my throat. As we all lay recovering, I smiled at the thought of how much I liked giving head. Lance asked me if I was ready for tomorrow--he said he had been planning it in his head and was sure I would have a good time. Since tomorrow was Saturday, he said I should show up a in late afternoon because he and Kevin had a lot planned for me.

The next day I woke up and prepared myself for my big night. I took a long shower, and perfumed my body and did my hair. I got a sexy bra and panty set, and decided to wear my shortest shorts and tightest t-shirt over them. When I got to Lances house, he and Kevin had already laid out everything they thought they would need in the bedroom downstairs. Lance explained to me that he wanted to cum at least 2 times before we actually had sex so that he could last longer.

He said I made him so hot he had trouble lasting a long time. He asked me if I was nervous and I admitted I was. I told him I knew his cock was bigger than average and that /scared/">scared me a bit. Lance told me he would be very careful and that he wanted it to be enjoyable for me. To begin, Lance undressed me while Kevin watched from the edge of the bed. We kissed and kissed for a long time, and then Lance begin playing with my tits. I became aroused very quickly, and could feel my pussy getting wetter and wetter. I couldnt wait to have Lances /cock/huge-cock/">huge cock inside me.

I sucked on his cock, and then he ate my pussy for what seemed like forever. After I came, he quickly jerked off and came on my pussy. Kevin also jerked off and came on my pussy. I couldnt believe how much I enjoyed the feeling of having semen all over. Lance recovered a bit and then got hard all over playing with my tits. This time he put his rock /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock between my tits and showed me how to push them together. He told me he was going to spew his cum all over my /tits/perfect-tits/">perfect tits and just as he was doing so, pulled his cock away and came all over my nipples.

As soon as Lance lay down beside me, Kevin followed suit, fucking my tits and leaving a good amount of his semen all over my tits. We all drifted off to sleep for awhile, and when I woke up, Lance told me he was going to take a shower with me and get me cleaned up for the big event. Just Lance and I went into the shower, and we soaped each other up, and rubbed and kissed all over.

He toweled me off and led me to the bed. He began touching me all over, first sucking my nipples and then kissing me from head to toe. Kevin was watching from a chair next to the bed, stroking his cock. Lance had me suck his cock for a few minutes, then ate my pussy. After several minutes, he told me I was pretty wet and asked if I was ready. I told him that I was definitely ready.

Lance told me to scoot down to the bottom of the bed and spread my legs wide. Kevin handed him a tube xxx sex video download free com and he squirted lube on his hand and spread it on his hard cock. Lance told me to relax, and that he was going to put his cock in little by little, and if I was hurting to tell him. He put his dick up against my pussy and rubbed it around. That felt amazing, and I wanted him to do it more.

He put his cock at the entrance of my wet cunt and pushed a little, but his cock was so big that he was having a hard time getting it in me even a little. He had never put his fingers in me before, but he did so now. He looked over at Kevin and said "Shit, shes tight! I didnt know someone could be that tight!" I love the way his fingers felt and begged him for more.

He moved them around in me for a few minutes, very slowly, then tried his cock again. He still had a difficult time, so he told Kevin to help open my legs. Kevin came to my side and pulled my leg over. Lance told me to spread as wide as I could manage. He put more lube on both me and his cock, and tried once again to enter me, but was still having trouble. He pulled back and told me he was going to just shove his cock in me as fast and hard as he could.

He put his prick at the entrance of my cunt and spread my lips with his fingers, and drove into me. For just a short second it was uncomfortable, and then it felt amazing. He told Kevin again that I was amazingly tight and said he could barely move his cock in and out because I was so tight. Somehow he managed and I moaned and moaned, not wanting him to stop.

He fucked me for what seemed like an hour, switching positions several times. I loved it on top and moved up and down on his cock, loving the way it went in deeper and deeper. Finally Lance told me he was going to cum and that he wanted to be on top when he did. As he grunted and groaned above me, I reveled in the feeling of being completely filled. When he came, I could feel his semen hitting me inside.

Lance collapsed on top of me and sexxxx video ful hd didnt speak for a few minutes. When he did he told me that he had never felt that kind of excitement when he fucked anyone else, and that I was so tight, he wanted to fuck me forever. He helped clean me up and after I had rested, it was Kevins turn. Kevin preferred me doggy style, and I found I really liked that as well. While Kevins cock was not as big as Lances I still found it very pleasurable.

That night Lance and Kevin took turns fucking me, sometimes one would stick their cock in for a few minutes and then the other would take over. By morning, I was happily sore and dripping their juice. I told Lance I wanted more, more, more and told him I definitely wanted more lessons. He just smiled and said he was happy to oblige. For the next few weeks until his wife came home, he and Kevin gave me what I wanted over and over again.