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Southeast Ohio Wedding Cakes by Heavenly Confections, Athens
This section will give you some helpful information about my wedding cakes & novelty cakes.
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Sugar Artwork - Flowers & Figurines

If your cake will include sugar artwork such as flowers, figurines, plaques, etc., you may wish to preserve these as keepsakes.

Sugar flowers (and sugar sculptures) should be stored in an air tight container such as a Tupperware or similar plastic container. Store them on a shelf in a closet out of direct sunlight. You can keep sugar flowers and sculptures indefinitely. I have sugar decorations that I have had for over a year and they look like I just made them. Since sugar flowers and sculptures do not do well with moisture keep them away from water. Just store them in a cool dry place, perhaps with a piece of foam underneath so they don’t get broken. You could also carefully wrap the flowers/sculptures in tissue paper before placing in the container.

Some sugar work is made with a mix of fondant and sugar paste (children's celebration cakes, animals, etc.). Do not try to keep fondant/sugar paste mixed figures as they will mold after some time.

If you are wanting a keepsake be sure to ask for this when you order your cake. Keepsake sugar paste artwork is charged per piece separately from the cake price.



Picking up a Celebration Cake

When picking up a celebration cake, be sure to have a level place for the cake to sit. Car seats tend to incline and are not suitable for transporting a cake. Trunks of vehicles are best. However, if you bring a few towels, these can level the cake on a car seat and the seat belt can help to secure the cake in place. Although, a level trunk or hatchback is a preferred place.

Even better, you can bring someone along to hold the cake level on their lap if it is 2 tiers or more.

I recommend delivery for 3-tier cakes as they are tall and very heavy. You are more than welcome to pick them up, but you are responsible for the cake once it leaves Heavenly Confections.

I keep all cakes refrigerated right up to pick-up time to ensure freshness and to stabilize them for transport. Cakes need at least 2 hours to come to room temperature before serving. If you are not planning on serving the cake the day of pick-up, you may refrigerate the cake for up to 3 days. Be sure no moisture will drop on the cake either in the refrigerator or outside. Any moisture (water, rain, etc.) will damage the cake's surface. Remove the cake from refrigeration at least 2 hours before serving so that the buttercream comes to room temperature and is soft for serving.

Cakes covered in fondant and made with my standard buttercream will keep fresh for 2 days at room temperature and with most fillings. However, Cream cheese icing for instance, must be kept refrigerated. Just ask if you are unsure about your fillings.


Cake Cutting Guides

If you will not have a caterer or server who is familiar with cake cutting here are a few guides that will help ensure you get the proper number of servings from your cake:

Celebration Cake Cutting Guide

Party Cakes—1 1/2 x 2 in. Slices

Follow the diagrams to cut party cakes (from 3 to 6 in. high), but adjust for the larger party-size slices. For cakes shorter than 3 in. you will need to cut wider slices to serve a proper portion; even if a larger serving size is desired the order of cutting is still the same.

The number of servings listed are intended as a guide only and offer a small portion. If portions larger than 1 1/2”x2” are served, then you will have less servings than the chart indicates.

Click here for the Celebration Cake Cutting Guide

Wedding Cake Cutting Guide

This guide shows how to cut popular shaped wedding tiers into pieces approximately 1 in. x 2 in. by two layers high (about 4 in.). Even if a larger serving size is desired, the order of cutting is still the same. The first step in cutting is to remove the top tier, and then begin the cutting with the 2nd tier followed by the 3rd, 4th and so on.

The top tier is usually saved for the first anniversary, so it is not calculated into the serving amount. The number of servings listed are intended as a guide only and offer a small portion of wedding cake. If cake is the only dessert and/or portions larger than 1”x2” are served, then you will have less servings than the chart indicates.

Click here for the Wedding Cake Cutting Guide


Preserving Your Wedding Cake Top Tier

How To Wrap Up Your Cake's Top Tier

Instruct catering staff to take off the top tier of the wedding cake and box it for transport. Appoint a "cake captain" (one of your family members or friends) to take it home. Once it's home, that person should do the following:

1. Remove the sugar flowers and set them aside.
2. Chill the cake well before wrapping it up so that the icing hardens. This way it won't stick to the plastic wrap and make a mess.
3. Wrap the (unadorned) cake in several layers of plastic wrap -- not aluminum foil, which can cause freezer burn.
4. Seal the wrapped cake in an air-tight bag, then place in a cardboard box. Wrap the box in several layers of plastic wrap as well and place it in the freezer.
5. Snag a ribbon (from your bouquet, the centerpieces, your hair, a gift) and tie it around the cake package to mark it so that you don't mistake it for anything else.

Dethawing your Anniversary Tier

Here are some pointers to ensure it thaws properly:

1. Remove the box from the freezer.
2. Remove all the layers of plastic wrap, open the box, remove all layers of plastic wrap from the cake.
3. Place the cake back into the box, no plastic wrap remaining, and place in refrigerator for 24 hours. If you dethaw the cake to fast, condensation could damage the decorations, piping, frosting on the cake. The box helps to absorb excess moisture as well.
4. After 24 hours of refrigeration, remove cake from refrigerator and leave at room temperature, in the box, for at least 8 hours to come fully to room temperature before enjoying.

Know Your Cake's Shelf Life

Some cakes freeze better than others. The more delicate the cake ingredients, the drier your cake will become in the freezer. Cakes with a longer shelf life: Chocolate, red velvet and carrot cake. Cakes that may not last as long in the freezer: Cake with fresh fruit, and cakes with whipped cream or pudding fillings.

Consider Ordering an "Anniversary Copycat" Cake

I have tested many of my cakes in this same exact method. The cake comes out practically perfect as if it were fresh as the day you were married. But if you do not have the storage space, or a cake that will hold up as well in the freezer (fresh fruit, etc), do as many couples do and order a fresh cake tier in the same flavor as your original wedding cake for your one-year anniversary.

Maybe you need to use the top tier for servings at your wedding. Rather than forgoing the first-anniversary tradition, you can simply order an Anniversary Copycat Cake. Be sure to place your order in plenty of time (at least two months in advance).

Like anything else, after a year in the freezer, any cake will be slightly different in taste. If you do decide to save your cake for the full year, focus on the nostalgia, not the flavor. But as I mentioned, I have taste tested several cakes and it is worth the tradition.

One more option to consider - Separately Boxed-up Day of Wedding Anniversary Copycat Cakes

If you are concerned about your top tier getting damaged as it is removed from the tiered display, you may choose to order an Anniversary Copycat Cake that will be made to look exactly like your wedding cake top tier, but be safely boxed up ahead of time to assure that it looks perfect and is all ready to be preserved in the freezer.

Anniversary Copycat Cakes are delivered with your wedding cake, in a separate box, to assure they are perfect for storage right away for the absolute best chance of freshness on your wedding anniversary.

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