Heavenly Confections is a artisanal designer cake boutique in Athens, Ohio.
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Southeast Ohio Wedding Cakes by Heavenly Confections, Athens
This section will give you an idea of pricing for specialty or novelty cakes.
Please contact me for a custom quote.
For wedding cake prices, please see my Wedding Cake Section

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I accept a limited number of orders for each date, on a first-come-first-served basis. I do not guarantee an order or hold a date until a nonrefundable deposit of 30% of the order total has been received.

I recommend booking your event as far in advance as possible to ensure your date is available. Bookings are made on a first come, first pay basis.

Important Information

  1. Please check for your date’s availability via email or my order inquiry contact form.
  2. There is a minimum order amount of $50 on all custom celebration cake/cupcake orders.
  3. Many of the questions you may have can be answered here on my site. (This page also contains need-to-know policies about ordering a cake.)
  4. Appointment times for formal tastings are reserved for weddings and custom celebration cake orders over $200.
  5. There is a minimum 30% deposit required to reserve your date. (This is applied to the cost of your cake.) See Deposit information below.


  • All cakes are priced per serving and custom cakes require a quote based on design and complexity.
  • Prices start around $3.00 per serving and go to $5.00 per serving depending on complexity and adornments.
  • Sheet cake prices start at $2.50 per serving. (These are double layered sheet cakes with a filling.) Specialty sheet cakes & bakery cakes covered in decorative designs are priced starting at $2.75 per serving.
  • Cupcakes accompanying a cake start at $16.00 per dozen. (Extra adornments, flowers, etc.$18 - 22 per dozen)
  • Cupcakes without a cake? Please see my Cupcakes Section
  • Fondant decorations, hand piping, or other intricate decorations may add to the cost.
  • Sugarpaste flowers are priced based on the type of flower.

For a custom quote, fill out my online contact form with your specialty cake request. I cannot give quotes over the phone. Much of the time I am designing intricate details on cakes, sculpting flowers, or the mixers are running simultaneously and it is too loud to answer calls. I also need specific information via email (pictures, etc.) to formulate a proper quote. So I ask all my prospective customers to email me first with all the pertinent details. Thank you for your understanding!

Cake Serving Information & Pricing

Here are the basic cake sizes with their serving amounts and approximate price.The number of servings listed are intended as a guide only and offer a small portion. If portions larger than 1 1/2”x2” are desired, then you will have less servings than the chart indicates and you may want to order a larger cake. Please note that complex cake designs will cost more due to intricacy and higher end flavors may raise price slightly. All of HC's cakes are 3 layers of cake and 2 generous layers of filling per each tier - and 4 1/2 - 5 inches tall.
For examples of Simple/Basic Cake Designs versus More Detailed Designs Click HERE

Single Tier Cakes (3 layers in each tier)
Cake Size

Approx. Price

*Basic Designs

6 inch


7 inch
8 inch
9 inch
10 inch
12 inch
Multi-Tiered Cakes (3 layers per tier)
4 & 6 inch 2-tier
4 & 7 inch 2-tier
5 & 7 inch 2-tier
4 & 8 inch 2-tier
5 & 8 inch 2-tier
6 & 8 inch 2-tier
5 & 9 inch 2-tier
6 & 9 inch 2 tier
7 & 9 inch 2 tier
6 & 10 inch 2 tier
7 & 10 inch 2 tier
8 & 10 inch 2 tier
5, 7 & 9 inch 3 tier
4, 7 & 10 inch 3 tier
6, 8 & 10 inch 3 tier
6, 9 & 12 inch 3 tier
8, 10 & 12 inch 3 tier

Sheet Cakes

Please Note - Our sheet cakes are NOT one simple layer of cake that is frosted like the sheet cakes at grocery stores and other bakeries. We bake two generous layers of cake, fill with frosting in between, and then it's frosted and decorated. Therefore, our sheet cakes are double the height of a regular grocery bakery cake - 4 inches as opposed to 2 inches tall ;)
The number of servings listed are intended as a guide only and offer a small portion. If portions larger than 1 1/2”x2” are desired, then you will have less servings than the chart indicates, and you may want to order a larger cake.

    Simple decor & Piped bordersCustom designs
Estimate - may vary
7 x 11 24 $60 $80
9 x 13 (Quarter Sheet) 36 $80 $100
11 x 15 (Half sheet) 54 $115 $135
13 x 18 72 $160 $180
Cupcakes with cake order:
Buttercream Swirl $16 per dozen
Fondant accents added $18-20 per dozen
Filled and/or covered $20 per dozen
Cupcakes without cake order:
Buttercream Swirl $18 per dozen
Fondant accents added $20-22 per dozen
Filled and/or covered $22 per dozen


**For cakes with sculpted figures or large sugar flowers an additional charge.

  • 1 sculpted simple animal/cartoon figure, etc. $5 each
  • 1 sugar sculpted detailed figure $15
  • 3-4 sculpted animals/cartoon figures, etc. $15
  • 1 extra large sugar flower $5 each
  • 3 medium- large sugar flowers $15
  • Extensive sculpted of other items will be quoted

Extra Information:

  • Each cake tier is 3 layers of cake with 2 generous layers of filling in between each layer of cake, making it approximately 5" tall. This is much taller than your average bakery cake which only consists of two layers of cake and one layer of filling.

Ordering Information

If you are looking for a birthday cake or other celebration cake fill out my contact form so that I will have the following information:

  • your phone number
  • your email address
  • the date of the event
  • what you have in mind for the design. The more specific, the better - please don't just say "sports themed" - I am creative, but I need somewhere to start from.
  • whether it will be picked up or if you need delivery (if the latter, where it's going)
  • how many people you will need to feed

... and I will email you a price quote as quickly as possible. Return times may take up to 2 weeks during busy wedding seasons.

I do not give quotes via telephone. Please email me to get a price quote.

At this time my boutique bakery is open by appointment only, I do not have any cakes pre-made for sale. Every cake I make is custom made to order from start to finish.

Tastings & Appointments (for orders over $200)

I will contact you to schedule a tasting/design appointment only if you desire to have one. If you do not desire an appointment... I will email you a quote and work out the details via email and phone. Please note that you only need an appointment if you feel it is necessary to relay your ideas for the cake and want to pay for a formal tasting.

I will accomodate quick, free appointments without a tasting for orders over $200 as my schedule permits during slow seasons.

Cake Tastings at Heavenly Confections Gallipolis, Ohio

During the initial email consultation, you can opt to schedule a formal tasting if you are ordering a cake estimated at over $200. Formal tastings are held on Wednesdays and Thursdays at Noon, 1pm & 2pm. A current schedule will be emailed to you, if you choose to request a formal tasting.

You choose 4 cake and 4 filling/buttercream selections from the flavors list that you'd like to sample. Then, I bake each flavor you select and have the samples ready for you at the design/tasting appointment.

Formal Tastings are $40 for 4 combinations: 4 cake choices and 4 fillings/buttercreams. If you prefer to sample the cakes and fillings separately, I can prepare them to mix and match. Just be sure to let me know you want them prepared separately. I always provide Vanilla Buttercream for each tasting, so this does not need to be counted as a choice of filling/buttercream.

Additional cake/buttercream combos are $7 each.

Don't need the formality and just want to taste the cakes?

Instead of a formal tasting, you may also opt to pick up samples at an agreed upon time and work on the design of your cake with me via email. Each sample is $5, and is a 2-layer 4 inch round cake. Maximum of 6 flavors please. This is a great way to sample your cakes with loved ones that may not be able to make an appointment time. For more information about Cake Sample Pick-up Events - simply let me know when you send in your contact form and I will send you the flyer for the next available pick-up event.

I’d like as much lead-time as possible…but if you have a short notice order, ask me, and I’ll try to get it done for you! I personally work with each client and since all cakes are made to order I usually require 2 to 4 weeks lead time. However, don't hesitate to contact me even if your request is not within the timeframe, as I often have last minute openings and may be able to accomodate your event.


I am happy to deliver larger 3-tier cakes and Cupcake Towers as long as I am available. I deliver to the Athens, Marietta, Parkersburg, Columbus, Gallipolis, Jackson, Pomeroy, Albany, The Plains, Nelsonville, Hocking Hills, Logan, Lancaster and many other Southeast Ohio areas.

Delivery is .60 cents per mile roundtrip. I regret that I cannot SHIP cakes or cupcakes.

For smaller 'surprise' cake orders - delivery can be arranged only to OU students for a flat rate of $20 when available.


Heavenly Confections is located in Guysville within Athens County at 7225 Green Valley Road. A quaint, 500 square foot couture bakery next to the owner's residence, with it's own kitchen, design space and tasting area amidst 30 acres of tree covered mountains situated along a babbling creek.

Consultations & tastings by appointment only. I am a private cake studio baking only custom cakes as they are ordered.

At this time my bakery is open by appointment only, I do not have any cakes pre-made for sale. Every cake I make is custom made to order from start to finish.



I am a boutique cake studio, and I accept a limited number of orders for each date, on a first-come-first-served basis. Making an appointment or attending a consultation appointment does not guarantee an order or hold a date until a deposit of 30% of the order total has been received.  I can accept personal checks as well as cash or credit/debit card in store for deposit payments or you can choose to be billed via PayPal online with a standard 4% fee, or pay over the phone via Square (2.9% fee). Any order that is above $100 requires a 30% deposit when ordering.

**please note: In order to ensure that I will be available to make your cake, a deposit in the amount of 30% of the cake price must be made as soon as possible once I agree to make your cake. The reason for this is that while we are working out details on your cake, other cake orders are coming in for that same date. I must work on a first-come - first-serve basis, and while we are discussing your cake, other orders are still coming in. In the past, I have been emailing to remind people of their deposits if I get a request for the same date. But due to overwhelming business, I can no longer continue to double-back and email my customers to check whether they are still interested in keeping the order. Therefore - to guarantee your date - your deposit is welcome even before all details are worked out. ** Thanks for understanding! =)

The balance payment of the cake order must be paid in CASH on the day of pick-up or using a credit/debit card. Otherwise, you may pay the balance over the phone with a credit card at least 2 days before the event (2.9% fee applies), or via check or PayPal no later than 7 days prior to the date. This is a standard payment policy across the U.S. for all bakeries. Again, I cannot accept personal checks upon delivery.

Methods of Payment

I accept cash, checks, debit/credit cards or you may opt to be billed via PayPal.

Cancellation & Refund Policy

A deposit is due at time of order placement to secure your event date. Balance is due in full at time of delivery or pickup. If an order is not picked up on the day of delivery or delivery is denied, the client is responsible for the remaining balance. Heavenly Confections will make every attempt to contact the client in the event of a missed pickup date or denied delivery.

Due to being a small designer cake boutique, I only take a handful of orders per event date. When I book your event into my schedule, I turn away other orders for the same event date. Therefore, all deposits are non-refundable.

Below are just a few examples of simple designs versus more detailed and intricate cake designs
Simple/Basic Design Examples More Detailed/Intricate Design Examples